What We Do

Truss Manufacturer San DiegoStone Truss San Diego

  • Cuts ALL standard truss parts with any lumber width; single cut webs, double cut webs, step cut webs, off centerline parts, regular bottom chords, scissor bottom chords, and MORE!
  • Cuts bevels; any plumb angle, bevels from 90 to 25 degrees.
  • Cuts long (60 inch or more) scarfs.
  • Production rates of at least 2000 pieces per 8-hour shift.
  • Will optimize and nest cuts to minimize waste.

Forget everything you thought you knew about cutting wood truss chords and webs. Alpine just stood it on its end.

The Alpine Linear Saw (ALS) passes lumber through lengthwise, like a table saw, instead of sideways like a component cutter. But, this is not just a fancy Centerline™ Arm Saw. The heavy-duty servo motors on the ALS are designed for high-speed truss production with precision accuracy and all of the cuts are made with a single blade. Set-ups are made in fractions of seconds and cuts are precise to 1/32 of an inch.

The ALS would not be possible without servo technology. The extremely high forces coupled with the need for speed and high precision, demand the tight control provided by servos. Not only that, they also detect faults in the electronic system and report them to the operator with pinpoint accuracy.

Stone Truss Quality

We review, engineer, build and deliver custom roof trusses to the trade. Our specialty is family/residential roofing and high-end custom homes, as well as commercial projects.

To Get Started

The result of our technology and talent is fast turnaround and the very best quality available. We start the custom roof trusses with a high-speed download of design specifications and instructions via fiber optic cable sent directly from our office to individual computer terminals in our plant cutting and assembly equipment.

For roofing design and engineering, we utilize technology from Alpine Engineered Production, a global pioneer, innovator and a leader in the custom roof truss manufacturing industry.


Stone Truss roofing delivery equipment is specifically designed to deliver and self off-load any job in nearly any location we service. We refresh our equipment regularly and recently added four new design trailers to our fleet. Our tractors are available on a full service lease through PENSKE, which maintains a rigorous maintenance and inspection schedule.