San Diego Truss Builders

In our dynamic market place, we are routinely challenged to deliver specialty engineering services:

Customers need engineering so that they can submit to plan check. Customers/architects/engineers require truss engineering to determine truss design parameters.

Typically, these types of requests require additional service to provide sufficient plans and details for building. So, we provide preliminary engineering for the permit process and shop drawings for the review process to evaluate truss application. Both processes are charged on a fee bases, based upon the square footage of the structure.

We also accept requests for engineering of, 'as-built packages' where customers require finalized truss layout and all sealed truss engineering in accordance with how the roof trusses are actually built and delivered. One package always accompanies the trusses to the job sight.

Stone Truss is different because our staff takes the time to sit down with the customer and go over, step-by-step and detail-by-detail, exactly what it takes to make our products fit when they are delivered. We also field measure certain jobs to ensure the dimensions and angles are as shown on the plans.