The Difference

Truss Builder San DiegoExperience- It is the difference

Our management group averages 30 years of experience; our staff averages 20 years; our production team averages 15 years. This combined knowledge translates to confidence – you can be assured your project will be done right the first time.

Our Commitment and Promise

From design to delivery, we are committed to your total satisfaction in custom designed and engineered, wooden roof trusses for commercial, residential and remodel markets.

Since 1986, our philosophy has remained the same:

  1. Do every job correctly.
  2. Provide our customers with unparalleled service.
  3. Offer a positive, employee-empowered workplace.

Why we do it better

Stone Truss delivers only quality materials, materials that are designed, precision engineered and fabricated for the greatest stability.

  • Competent, reliable, available and caring employees.
  • Constant attention to detail on each and every project. We enable and cultivate ongoing
    communication between Designer/Architect, Engineer and Framer, ensuring all professionals
    and trades work together efficiently. The result: an end product that comes together
    as originally envisioned.
  • Customers can reach our office when they need to, and speak with a knowledgeable professional
    about any concerns or with any questions.
  • We use state-of-the-art engineering software and technology in our cutting, set-up
    and manufacturing operations.
  • Our investment in and commitment to advanced systems and processes results in faster
    turnaround and highest quality trusses. Our MACHINE TECHNOLOGY advantage starts with control of each piece of equipment directly by our computerized management system. All of our equipment receives downloaded instructions directly from the office through WiFi Mesh network.
  • DELIVERY EQUIPMENT designed specifically for transportation and self-unlading of trusses at THE JOB SITE. We can deliver material when the customer needs it, and almost anywhere the customer selects. All of our trucks are professionally maintained by Penske Leasing, which limits any potential downtime.