Did You Know Stone Truss Doesn’t Charge for Truss Calculations?

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Did You Know Stone Truss Doesn’t Charge for Truss Calculations?

Well before the foundation is set for your new home or building, you’ll need to have a building permit approved by the local municipality.

Building permits can be far more complicated than just entering standard information.

Take a look at the permit submittal form required by the City of San Diego.

In this issue, the roofing and flooring experts here at Stone Truss will talk more about building permits, and how we can help.

What Is The Purpose of a Building Permit?
Requirements of a building permit will differ from state to state and from city to city. They’ll be designed to ensure that all individual local standards are followed.

Areas of concern usually revolve around zoning issues, environmental concerns, and the protection of health, safety and surrounding property.

What Types of Work Requires a Permit?
Again, projects that require a permit will vary from location to location. However, if you’re merely painting inside or changing the cabinets, you probably don’t need a permit.

Any form of construction – whether it’s for a new home or structure, or a refurb of an existing one – you’ll definitely need a permit.

I Heard Stone Truss Does not Charge extra for providing the calculations for Trusses required by the Building Department; Is That True?
The fees associated with securing building permits can eat into your overall budget – sometimes taking up as much as 18 percent of total costs.

Here at Stone Truss, our specialty is custom designed and built wood trusses for floor and roof components. As you look at the building permit required by the City of San Diego linked above, pay attention to step #2 for “Structural Calculations and/or Truss Calculations.”

Because construction calculations can be tricky, Stone Truss is proud to handle the completion of that aspect of your building permit, With No additional cost to you, with the purchase of the trusses from Stone Truss. An initial deposit will be put towards the final cost.

To Discover How We Can Save You Even More Money With Your Construction, Call the Wood Truss Experts At Stone Truss.
We’re happy to work with you on costs associated with securing permits for new construction. With our expert design team and skilled builders, there’s plenty of ways we can save you money with the building of your new home or building.

To learn more, call Stone Truss at 760-967-6171. You can also reach us online and via email.

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