Discover the Flexibility of Wood Trusses

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October 28, 2019
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December 5, 2019

When constructing a roof or floor, it’s likely that a wood truss will give you more bang for your construction buck.

  • Residential Needs
    Today, more than 80% of new home construction includes a wood roof truss – and there’s reasons for that. A wood truss provides more design flexibility and better performance than traditional roofing systems.
  • Commercial Construction
    In most commercial construction projects, more than one shape and size are needed. While this can be a challenging obstacle for builders, Stone Truss designers view this as opportunity to solve practically any situation.
  • Agricultural Buildings
    Beyond their design flexibility, wood roof trusses are incredibly sturdy and reliable – making them ideal options for barns, machine shed, pole buildings and other agricultural structures.

Discover the Benefits of a Wood Truss Roof
The San Diego wood truss designers with Stone Truss provide expertly crafted wood roof and floor trusses for home and business owners throughout San Diego and Southern California.

With decades of construction experience, Stone Truss has developed a reputation for ensuring all tradespeople involved in the construction project are included in the design process; using the latest technology in their manufacturing processes; and doing each job to specification.

They’ll meet with you about your specific construction needs and preferred designs. Then, they’ll custom build your wood roof or floor truss to your specifications, and deliver it on-site and on-schedule.

Get in touch with Stone Truss by calling (760) 967-6171, sending an email or visiting

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