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November 15, 2019
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One of the most important aspects of the design of your home, business or other structure is the pitch of its roof. The pitch refers to the slope of your roof.

In addition to determining the aesthetics of your structure, its roof pitch will also play a large role in your roofing system’s overall performance and how efficiently it will steer water and debris away from the roof.

How Roof Pitch is Expressed
When talking with your building contractor, the roof pitch will be expressed as a measurement that’s determined by calculating the rising vertical inches for every 12 inches it stretches horizontally.

For example, a 6/12 roof pitch refers to a roof that rises six inches for every 12 inches in runs straight across.

The Differences in Roof Pitches
Each structure will have its own roof pitch, and its own pros and cons.

Low-pitched roofs typically require less materials but more work must be done to remove water and debris. Also, with low-pitch roofs it’s easier to later install add-ons, such as rooftop gardens and solar panels.

For commercial buildings, low-pitched roofs are especially attractive because they essentially provide owners with an extra floor. This can be used any number of ways, including storing sizeable mechanical equipment.

Steep-pitched roofs require far less daily maintenance, since debris and water simply roll off directly into the gutters. Also, steep-pitched roofs provide owners with far more design options and more vertical space.

Because steep-pitched roofs at an angle, they’re likely to be more energy efficient and have longer lifespans than their low-pitched counterparts.

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