Building Creative Rooflines With Truss Construction

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January 21, 2022
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April 30, 2022

While Trusses are often used to speed up building time, particularly with homes or businesses that need very similar roofline construction, trusses can create unique, beautiful roofs as well.  The idea that truss builds must be boring and “cookie cutter” is simply not true.  With a good design, any truss application can be created that gives your project beauty and appeal as well as function, convenience and cost savings.

Building Creative Rooflines

Many builders think of trusses as a great solution for simple gable-style roofs that run the span of a home in one direction.  Of course, his is one of the easiest roofs to construct and is therefore often used to keep building costs low.  However, trusses do not have to be limited to the same old boring rooflines.  They can also be designed and built to give your project aesthetic appeal.  Some examples of ways you can use trusses to quickly create beautiful, unique rooflines include:

  • Hip roofs. Trusses are not only suitable for gable roofing.  Hip roofs are also a great choice for trusses, which make constructing hips very fast and simple.  Hips are often used, especially in varying sizes, to give multi-level rooflines such as those found on cottage or chateau-inspired plans.
  • Flat roofs. In San Diego, the architecture of many homes and businesses is inspired by Central American, South Western and Spanish styles.  Many of these include flat rooflines that draw attention away from the roof and to the beautiful stucco walls and courtyards that are the hallmark of these styles.  Flat rooflines can be very difficult to build correctly while incorporating the proper slope for drainage, but truss construction solves that problem quickly.  Builders can create a lovely flat roof that is also functional and reliable.
  • Gambrel or Bowstring styles. Some styles rely on generous curves and slopes to create a barn-like effect.  These types of roofs, usually in the gambrel or bowstring style, may also serve another function:  they offer under-roof space in attics for future expansion of living space.  Gambrel or bowstring trusses make it easy to construct these types of rooflines quickly, whether the purpose is to gain immediate square footage or simply prepare for future additions.  Homeowners often find it a great selling point when a house has the possibility of easy future additions at a relatively low cost.

At Stone Truss in San Diego, we have spent decades creating the right truss roofing and flooring solutions for our customers.  Our professionals can help you design the right trusses for your needs, the build them with quality materials and deliver them to your building site on demand.  With our professional, quick and affordable services, you can utilize the many benefits of truss roofs and floors at a price that will keep you within your building budget and ultimately improve your bottom line. Give us a call today at (760) 967-6171 to learn more about how Stone Truss can help you with your next building project.

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