Headroom in Attics With Trussed Roof Options

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April 30, 2022
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July 29, 2022

Headroom in Attics With Trussed Roof Options

roof trusses san diego

Many people think of the traditional triangle-shaped truss as the only Trussed Roof option, and therefore assume that truss roofing applications are very limited. In fact, many people assume that unless you want a straight gable roof with a particular pitch, you cannot utilize Trusses. Nothing could be further from the truth! Not only do roof trusses allow you to build roofs of all different shapes and sizes, including gables, hips, gambrels and other forms, but they also allow you to incorporate headroom to create useable, space in your attic area.

Creating Headroom In An Attic

The trick to creating headroom in an attic and thereby offering useable space, is creating a “opening” in the truss’s center that can be framed out to form a room. While the traditional truss often takes a triangle shape with chords extending through the center area, it is also possible to build trusses that contain a rectangular or square shape in the center. This hollow can eventually become can room.

What makes this space useable, in most cases, is the headroom. Because of this, many homes that utilize under-roof attic space have steeper pitches than traditional gable roofs, or employ a steeper design. Because these designs are inherently steeper in pitch, they make it easier to incorporate hollowed truss design to utilize the space.

The use of these types of trusses opens a world of possibility of utilizing previously sacrificed attic space while still keeping costs low. In fact, with the right plans, you can easily add hundreds of square feet of useable space to your home without increasing your cost, simply by recapturing some of your unused attic space with trusses. This allows you to take advantage of your home’s natural space rather than adding on additional square footage, making your build more cost-effective.

At Stone Truss, we have been working for many years with San Diego builders to design, build and deliver quality roof trusses of all types to building sites in our area. Our trusses are sturdy, well-made and will last for years to come. Finally, once your design is created, we drop the trusses off to you at your job site, saving you storage costs and allowing you to get your building’s roof up quickly. We can often save our clients significantly over the cost of stick-built rafters with a good roof truss plan. Call us today to get started with your next building project and see how incredibly easy it is to create beautiful, functional living space, even when you use convenient truss roofing!

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