The Power of Trusses to Create Quality Construction

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May 4, 2021
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September 9, 2021

The Power of Trusses to Create Quality Construction

One of the most common reasons that builders use wooden trusses for roofing and flooring applications is the fact that they are stronger and sturdier than many other types of construction applications.  With the power of cutting costs as well as the ability to create strong, quality construction products, the initial investment in trusses is well worth the price to many builders and their clients.  Trusses are durable, strong and easy to use, and they provide a great way to quickly erect strong, sturdy and cost-effective construction.

Here are a few facts about trusses that show why they are so durable and strong:

  • Because trusses are built to exacting specifications and typically in a factory setting, the quality is generally better than what you will get with conventionally framed roof systems. Trusses are engineered as a whole system to work together with all forces imposed on a building to assure strength and durability.
  • Less weight. Trusses are usually light weight and easier to install.
  • More insulation. A truss roof often creates larger volume in the attic space, allowing for more insulation to be installed. This translates into lower energy costs to the homeowner and an overall savings over the life of the roof.  In some cases, additional attic insulation can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in energy savings throughout the year.  In addition, more insulation and lower energy demand are environmentally friendly options, something that many homeowners today prioritize.
  • Because trusses can be designed and built in almost any shape or size, the roofing possibilities with trusses are limitless.  Rather than causing homeowners to give up their dreams of an aesthetically pleasing roofline, trusses can be created to allow for gable, hip or other types of roofing styles in almost any height and pitch.  At one time, rafters were the only way to have varied, interesting roofline details, but today’s trusses allow homeowners to use their imaginations when it comes to designing rooflines with plenty of curb appeal.

At Stone Truss, we have been helping San Diego builders save money and build quality homes and businesses for decades.  Our firm prepares, builds and delivers high-quality roof and floor trusses to building sites throughout southern California. We stand behind our reputation for quality products as well as on-time delivery and helpful service.  We can help you choose the trusses you need to make your next building project simple, quick and cost-effective, while still giving your clients a quality final product.  Give us a call today to discuss your next building project, and see how much Stone Truss can help you save in costs without skimping in quality.

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