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November 29, 2022
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We all know that trusses are strong, durable and cost-effective, but many builders also believe–falsely, as it turns out–that they are boring.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  With the right truss design, builders can not only bring quality and efficiency to their building projects but can also create unique shapes and spaces that make their homes stand out.

What Is Truss Design? 

A truss is simply a prefabricated structure, usually made of wood with metal fasteners, that holds up the roof of the house.  Their members, or pieces, sit inside an external frame and help deflect force; as a result, trusses can hold up a great deal of weight relative to their size and can withstand pressure from different angles.

Trusses provide a quick and economical way to build a roof that avoids the problem of stick-building rafters in place.  However, most roof trusses are mass-produced in particular shapes or sizes that are common for homes.  This leads to the impression that this is the only way trusses can be produced.

In reality, trusses can be designed and built to any specifications and still offer cost-effectiveness and strength. 

Three Advantages of Unique Truss Design 

Designing unique trusses does take some time, but there are several advantages in custom-built trusses that make them worth the extra effort.

  • Truss design allows builders to create unique profiles and shapes. One thing that many buyers are looking for these days is to avoid the “cookie cutter” look of so many mid- to late-century suburban developments.  An easy way to make a home stand out from its neighbors is to change the roofline.  If many homes on the street have gable roofs, a hip roof will definitely be a standout!  Additionally, more and more plans today offer alternatives to various rooflines, allowing homeowners to choose the precise look they want.  This, in turn, allows builders to have some leeway with how the roof is formed and the final presentation.
  • Truss design allows builders to work around problem areas. Not all homes are the same, and for some, problem areas may exist with current rooflines.  This is particularly true if water is not shedding properly or if the roofline for some reason is not holding up well at the site.  With unique truss design, a builder can work with a truss manufacturer to reshape all or part of a roofline to work with its environment.
  • Truss design allows builders to add to current plans. If a plan calls for a gable roof, but the owners would like current or future expansion under the roofline, one of the easiest ways to change this is to change the trusses used.  Moving from gable to attic-space trusses, which contain a central void for the new space, is a quick and economical way to add more space to a home instantly, without a huge investment in expansion.

At Stone Truss, we offer San Diego builders options to help them satisfy even the most discerning clients.  Give us a call today to talk about unique and custom truss design for your next building project!

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