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August 30, 2022
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Many people understand the benefits of using wooden trusses to build a roof for a home or business.  Trusses are lightweight, strong, flexible, and very-cost effective when compared to traditional rafters.  However, there are also benefits to using trusses that many do know about.  When you consider these benefits in addition to the well-known advantages of trusses, it makes even more sense to use wooden truss construction, no matter what type of building you are contemplating.

Three Ways Trusses Work For You 

Trusses are some of the hardest working components of any build.  Not only do they support your roof with strength, they are also some of the most long-lasting and flexible elements of the entire construction project.  Trusses are able to bend slightly, due to the light woods used, and they spread force over a wide area and in different directions.  This means that wind shear, heavy rain and other weather issues are no problem for trusses (within limits). 

However, these aren’t the only benefits of using trusses.  You can actually design three basic types of roofs, each of which have their own benefits and functions, using only truss construction:

  • Simple gable styles. One of the most popular ways to use trusses is in simple gable-style roofing.  Gables, which are basically triangular and run the length of the building, perhaps with small bump-outs that are perpendicular, are the most common style of trusses because they are easy to install and very cost-effective.  Gable trusses can be created in almost any pitch or angle to give you a steep or a shallow roofline.
  • More complicated hip or decorative styles. If you want more interest in your roofline than a gable roof provides, you can still use trusses as an option.  Trusses can be manufactured for hip roofs, which are often used in country or French architectural styles; mansard, which can be very difficult to build by hand; and even flat, Italian or Spanish styles.  No matter what the look, there is a truss that is right for that style.
  • Roofs with built-in attic space. Even if you need to create a void to build a room under your rafters, trusses can be the solution.  Many truss designs now include headspace so that they can be used to create bedrooms, bathrooms, or attic storage in the truss itself.  With these types of trusses, you also save time and money on building walls for these rooms, since the framing is part of the truss itself.

At Stone Truss, we have decades of experience in helping you choose the right trusses for your job.  Our professionals can work with you from the design phase right up through delivery to your job site, on time and on demand.  Whether you are building a large commercial project or a small home, we are here to help!  Give Stone Truss a call today to see how much easier and better your building experience can be when working with an experienced truss roofing manufacturer.

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