Truss Roofing Options for New Homes

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May 31, 2022
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Many buyers today are choosing to build their own homes rather than buy pre-made.  The attraction of this method is obvious:  you can create a home that fits your exact specifications, rather than having one that was built for someone else.  However, with the high cost of building materials these days, constructing a new home can be an expensive proposition.  Most builders want to save money wherever possible.

Roof Trusses give you numerous options for construction of new homes.  Not only can you build a sturdy, secure home with roof trusses, you can also style it in almost any way imaginable.  Trusses are not simply for pre-fab, gable-roof houses; you can use trusses to build almost any shape of roof you want!

Popular Options for Truss Roofing 

Some of the most popular options for trussed roof designs include:

  • A gable roof offers simplicity of design and can be scaled to fit almost any size house.  One of the most popular roofing options in America, gable roofs can be seen on houses everywhere.  Besides being among the easiest to install, gables can also be pitched to any degree to provide a very steep or very shallow roofline, depending on the needs of the builder.
  • Another popular type of roof is the hip roof, in which the planes of the roof all meet at a single line.  Depending on the angle and steepness of the hip roof, a builder can create a very massive slope that gives gravity to a home, or play with smaller, whimsical hip rooflines that break up the flow and provide visual interest.
  • Some roofs combine both gables and hips along with other types of roofs to add interest.  With a good design, a roof can add tremendous curb appeal to a home.  Combining various types of roofs makes it easy to make a home unique–an important consideration in subdivisions where the floor plans are very similar.
  • Future Space. Truss roofing can also be created with void space in the center to allow for future expansion.  A truss roof with attic space already in place can help a growing family evolve into a larger home without having to move in the future.  A rectangular void in the center of a large gable array, for example, can later become a bedroom, bathroom, playroom or any other space the family needs.

A trussed roof allows builders to create almost any type of roof easily and cost-effectively.  Because trusses save builders so much money, it makes sense to explore the options available and choose trusses that combine dynamic design and tried-and-true reliability.

At Stone Truss, we have spent many years working with builders in the San Diego area.  We offer professional design assistance as well as quality truss construction.  We use the best materials to create your trusses and help you save money on your building projects.  Give us a call today to speak to one of our professionals and learn how we can help you build a great home with quality truss roofing!

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