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December 12, 2022
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January 31, 2023

Builders have several options when it comes to roof types.  Generally speaking, the more complicated the roof the more expensive it is to build.  A simple gable structure with one continuous run is much more cost-effective than a roofline that is broken with several dormers, hips and other shapes to add visual interest.  However, even the cost of a complicated roofline can be kept affordable by using the right materials.

How Do Roof Trusses Save Money? 

There are several ways that roof trusses help builders save on costs.  Even when a roof plan is fairly complex, the use of trusses can significantly lower the cost.  Here are some of the ways roof trusses save money:

  • Savings on material costs. One of the biggest problems with building roofs onsite at a building project is the amount of waste that is generated.  Not only does stick-building rafters generate a tremendous amount of waste material, but it also creates a great deal of debris that must be cleaned up and transported away from the site.  This often leads to unexpected cost increases that must be absorbed by the builder.  With roof trusses, there is no waste; trusses are delivered fully assembled and must simply be installed in their proper places. Currently material costs are at an all-time high, so ordering trusses from a reliable manufacturer is a good way to control this aspect of building expense.  Truss costs incorporate not only the wood but also the metal plates, nails, screws and other hardware that goes into building them, whereas a builder installing rafters must absorb all of those costs as well.  Trusses can be built of almost any type of wood, but most truss manufacturers opt for a blend of strong, light species that produce quality trusses at a very modest price.  Additionally, because truss manufacturers order so much wood in bulk quantities they can often acquire materials at a much lower price than individual builders.
  • Savings on labor. Labor cost is one of the biggest reasons stick-built rafters are so much more expensive than trusses.  Labor costs to build rafters do not simply include the cost of workers to install the rafters, as is the case with trusses.  Instead, more people are often required to be at the job site, and those workers must be fairly skilled in measuring, cutting and installing rafters properly.  This means higher hourly wages for these workers in comparison with installers for trusses.  Often, the savings in labor costs alone can justify the use of trusses rather than stick-built rafters.

At Stone Truss, we have been working with roofers and builders for decades to help them find affordable solutions for their construction projects.  With the help of quality roofing and flooring trusses, builders in San Diego have been saving money with Stone Truss products for years.  If you want to save money on your next build, give the professionals at Stone Truss a call and learn how we can help!

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