Stone Truss Stays at Cutting Edge With New FWA Floor Saw

Stone Truss Strengthens Design Team
August 26, 2019

With more than 60 years of combined professional experience, the San Diego wood truss manufacturer Stone Truss knows the value of precision and efficiency. That’s why they’ve added the powerful Monet DeSauw, FWA 500 Floor component saw to its portfolio.

Specializing in floor and roof truss design, Stone Truss has long been the supplier of choice for San Diego and beyond.

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The FWA 500 Saw at a Glance

While building their reputation as wood floor and roof truss experts, Stone Truss has consistently stayed at the forefront of technological advancement to continually improve the customer experience.

The FWA 500 Floor Saw is considered by many to be the safest, fastest and easiest tool for cutting wood.

Key features of the FWA 500 Saw include:

  • A magazine load capable of handling up to 10 pieces of wood – regardless of length, which leads to rapid and efficient reloads
  • Computerized digital readouts that guarantee precision cuts
  • An external cut-off saw that allows for random length cuts and reprocessed cut-offs
  • A full-length vibrating waste conveyor for efficient recycling of wood products

Stone Truss: Committed to continually providing a superior wood truss product and superb customer service. Whether you’re building a home, an apartment complex, hotel, a garage or a barn, we’ll provide you with the exact roofing and flooring system you need.

We’re located at 507 Jones Road Oceanside, San Diego. For more information about our wood truss building process and a customized quote, just get in touch.

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