Five Benefits of Roof Trusses

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March 1, 2022
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May 31, 2022

Builders are faced with many choices as they construct homes and businesses.  Not only do they have to choose where to source their materials to find the best quality for their projects, but they also have to make design and building choices as to the best way to construct safe, sturdy buildings.  One of the easier ways to ensure that a home or business will stand the test of time and offer low-maintenance quality for years to come is to choose Roof Trusses rather than stick-built rafters.  There are several reasons that Roof Trusses are a good choice for homes and businesses, and these reasons explain why trusses are so popular with knowledgeable builders.

Five Benefits of Roof Trusses 

Roof Trusses offer five major benefits to homeowners, including:

  • Roof Trusses are one of the best ways to provide a safe, solid roof for any building.  Trusses are extremely strong because of their construction.  Using various members at different angles within the basic truss shape gives trusses extreme strength in the face of shear from high winds, torsion from settling and other stresses that can destroy regular rafter roofs.
  • Ease of construction. One of the biggest benefits of Roof Trusses is how easy it is to install.  Because it is so easy to use, Roof Trusses makes quick work of even the toughest construction projects.  Further, trusses require far less manpower and skills to install than stick-built rafters, so builders can quickly install Roof Trusses without large, expensive work crews.
  • Cost savings. Because trusses are easier to install than stick-built rafters, there is also a significant cost savings for the builder, and ultimately for the client.  Trusses can cut the cost of roofing significantly when compared to stick-built rafters, particularly when the cost of purchasing materials, waste, storage and other factors are included in the final calculation.  Because trusses are delivered on request, they ultimately save money in more ways than one.
  • Trusses can be used to design almost any type of roof.  From nearly flat to high, peaked rooflines, from gables to hip roofs, trusses can be used for all types of aesthetic effects.  Builders love Roof Trusses because they do not have to worry about stick-building rafters for all types of roofs; instead, they can order the trusses from the manufacturer in any shape imaginable, then simply install them.
  • Roof Trusses are known for their long-lasting durability, especially when compared to other types of roofing.  Over the life of a roof, trusses will offer exceptional wear and provide years of safe, hassle-free enjoyment.

If you are considering using Roof Trusses for your next building project, look no further than Stone Truss.  We have been working with San Diego builders for decades to help them create homes and businesses of beauty and durability, as well as saving them money on construction costs.  Our professionals are ready to work with you to help you learn more about the many benefits of using Roof Trusses.  Give us a call today to learn more, and get started on your next building project with a plan to use reliable, cost-effective truss construction!

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